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Somewhere Else: A Collaboration with LUSH

Updated: Jan 5

An Exhibition of Travel Illustration, in Collaboration with Lush

I was excited to be contacted by Lush earlier this year and invited to do a pop-up takeover of their event space in their Bluewater branch. Lush's brand values are closely aligned with my own, so I thought the collaboration would be a great fit, and I couldn't wait to create something special for it...

About the Exhibition

Somewhere Else was a one day pop-up illustration exhibition showcasing a selection of my travel illustrations, exploring the connection between travel, solitude, and the feeling of awe. The exhibition reflected my belief that true appreciation of our surroundings requires presence and mindfulness, an idea that aligns with Lush's mission of promoting well-being and connection. The exhibition invited visitors to look up from their phones, to be curious about the world, and to find pockets of calm amidst the noise of modern life.

A selection of signed, giclée art prints were be available to purchase on the day, including an exclusive print created especially for the exhibition. You can find out more about the exhibition in the press release here.

My inspiration for the exhibition

For those that don't know, Lush is a global brand known for its gorgeous, handmade and ethical personal care products (which smell so good you wish you could eat them!) They have a strong commitment to using fresh, natural ingredients and they are advocates for animal rights and environmental sustainability. In 2021, Lush made a bold move and decided to step away from a number of social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat, due to mounting evidence that social media has a negative impact on users' mental health. They decided to prioritise real-world interactions instead, allowing them to foster stronger relationships with their customers and to rekindle a sense of intimacy and mindfulness. You can read Lush's anti-social media policy here and their company statement about social media here. Now, if you visit Lush's social media accounts, you will instead be greeted with a simple but bold message, encouraging you to 'Be somewhere else'.

As someone who has personally suffered from anxiety, I make it a priority to focus on mental health and well-being, which is why I deeply resonate with this approach. Although I do still use a few social media platforms as a way to share my artwork and my travels with my friends and customers, I have witnessed the addictive and harmful nature of these platforms, so I now set daily limits and view social media as a tool to be used sparingly, rather than letting it control me (which I recognise is often difficult!). I hold immense admiration for Lush's initiative and feel privileged to be able to be part of an event that aligns with their mission to promote connectivity and mindfulness. I really love their message 'Be somewhere else', so I decided to call the exhibition 'Somewhere Else', which also reflects my own belief that travel can help us to be more open-minded and present. Although it's not necessary to travel ‘somewhere else’ to feel truly present, I do believe that changing our environment can serve as a catalyst to disrupt our routines and help us to fully appreciate the moment we are in right now.


All my artwork is printed on 310gsm museum grade textured art paper at my carbon neutral studio in London. The studio takes active measures to reduce its carbon footprint and minimise energy consumption, reduce waste, and limit greenhouse gas emissions. All prints purchased at the event will be custom printed the following day and then delivered to customers, in order to minimise print waste and avoid overprinting. All packaging materials are recycled, biodegradable and plastic-free, and the paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The paper is certified for the traceability of the wood fibres from an origin of non-threatened forests. You can find out more on my printer's website here.

Colour Inspiration:

When brainstorming ideas for the main exhibition illustration, I didn't have to look much further than Lush's products. Being naturally attracted to vibrant and striking palettes, I instantly fell in love with the playful colours in Lush's collection. The pinks, purples, blues, and bright turquoise shades, in particular, caught my eye, ultimately inspiring the creation of a bold, vivid palette packed with delicious eye-candy colours. I wanted to create a piece that felt warm and enticing, but also evoked a sense of calm and relaxation.

Some photos from the day:

Molly Maine Travel Illustration Exhibition at Lush
Molly Maine Travel Illustration Exhibition at Lush

Molly Maine Travel Illustration Exhibition at Lush
Molly Maine Travel Illustration Exhibition at Lush

Lush Illustration Exhibition at Bluewater, by Molly Maine
Lush Illustration Exhibition at Bluewater, by Molly Maine

When: Saturday 5th August 2023, from 12pm - 6pm

Admission: Free


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