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Travel Like a Boss: Podcast Interview

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

In 2019 I met Johnny FD in a coffee shop in Chiang Mai, and was thrilled to be invited onto his podcast, Travel Like a Boss. In my interview, I explain why I quit my job in London to travel the world, the struggles I faced, and how I ultimately became a digital nomad and started my creative business on the road. Johnny's podcast was one of the first podcasts that inspired me to begin my journey as a Digital Nomad, so it was a great experience to be featured!


  • Life as a Digital Nomad

  • Why I started travelling

  • Growing my business locally and globally

  • Print on demand

  • The creative process

  • How to live your ideal life!

Listen to the full interview on the Travel Like a Boss podcast and feel free to subscribe to his podcast on iTunes too.


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